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A Poem To My Surgeon

This was inspired to write this poem after my surgeon delivered the news to me that I had a year to have a baby or face having a hysterectomy. Then watched the documentary Endo What and it literally not only saved my womb, but my life and was the start of my healing and self love journey. 

Click on the trailer below to watch, and then share with others to help spread the love. 



A Poem To My Surgeon

‘My name is Bridie, my disease is Adenomyosis

Your name is Dr Iftikar, you disease is oblivi-osis

You may be qualified, experienced and able

But that does not mean you are the right man on my operating table


5 surgeries in, and you tell me your tired of seeing me in…

I come round from my surgery and your looming over me

Telling me unexpectedly, that my only options are pregnancy, or a hysterectomy…

Just give me a minuet while I let this sink in…


OK, so Im 30… single… and freaking out

No man to shack up with, no healthy womb to rent out

My thoughts obsess on finding true love and it all working out

Me, my baby, my love and no endometriosis

We ride off into the sunset with a positive prognosis


But February has arrived and no baby inside…

That mile stone came so fast

Dr Iftikar… I think I have failed your task

The year you gave me to have a baby or have my womb taken from me

Is looming in my face…

And I am left feeling like a female disgrace…


1 year, 12 months, 365 days you said

But clocks ticked, loves left, and emotions became dead


But hang on..

Whats this? 

You Dr Ifticar have miss informed me

My options were not only pregnancy or face a hysterectomy…

I feel cheated, abused and bruised by you

The year I spent feeling consumed by pressure to conceive and negativity

…I ow it all to you


I say to you Endo Sisters to watch Endo What and stop feeling used

It will empower you to read up, clean up, and improve your mood

For you are your own Endo specialist

For you are your own body specialist

For you are your own life specialist


This medical miss treatment has got to stop

For we women who suffer from endo, are not a surgery one stop shop

Listen to us, work with us, and help us to live our lives

For this disease is less powerful if we are enabled to thrive


So to you Dr Iftikar

I write this poem

I do not blame you, but ask you to realise and reverse your medical wrong doing

Be part of the change, and medical suture

Join our Endo movement and contribute to our future.’

A poem by Bridie Appleby-Gunnill (aka me!)

Blimey! every time I read this back it stirs so many emotions up for me, it makes me cry and it makes me feel empowered and proud that I started Endo Warrior Queens and the Endo Self Love Club. It also leaves me a little shaken that I went through all this mental and physical trauma unnecessarily. Now I am dedicated to changing things up, so that no other women has to go through this.

Much love Bridie x

Endo self love club






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