So I’m sat here on my 30 Min lunch break from work in Nero’s, with my mint tea and Mastering your Mean Inner Mean Girl book (just can’t put it down). Have to just stop a minute and say that my boobs feel like they are going to drop off! They hurt so much and I just want to rip my bra off, but that would just not do! I don’t want to become known as a Dorset Charlie Dimock!

Back to it…So I’m on page 83, and there is a task (I love the tasks in this book) and this is it below.
Lets dial up your worthy-o-meter right now. Take a moment to write down twenty things that you are excellent at…It can be big or small, things that seem important or even silly…The point of the exercise is to dwell on and linger in all your positive qualities…’

I’m excellent at…

  1. Generating ideas
  2. Creatively problem solving
  3. Designing rooms
  4. Writing poems
  5. Loving my friends
  6. Practicing self care
  7. Manifesting with my vision board
  8. Dancing round the house
  9. Walking (I can walk for hours)
  10. De-clutering and throwing out
  11. Creating websites
  12. Making soups
  13. Studying
  14. Coffee shop culture
  15. Writing lists and organising
  16. Networking
  17. Ticking things off my to do list
  18. Meditating
  19. Practicing small daily yoga sessions
  20. Writing my journal/blog

Now our soul sister Melissa says to really build up your self worth, I should read this list myself every day (not hard as I do love a list), and try and add something to it each week, so watch this space.

(Image by Marie Fox, titled Read then Dream)


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