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Tinderella (A Group Poem About Tinder)

This is a group poem project I have been running for a while now, which is all about Tinder. Its my way of wanting to bring to light our stories, and to promote safer online dating and mental health. Share your Tinder poem verse with me by filling the form below.

Am I your Tinderella?

Are you the lucky fella?

Will you swipe me of my feet?

With promises we’al meet

From here on now, I shall make the vow

To stalk your online life

I will know the name of your cat, your cousin’s and your second wife

(Bridie, 31, Dorchester)

Am I your Tinderella?

Are you the lucky fella?

Good God, what’s that!?

You ski?

And who’s that child perched upon your knee?

Stag do’s, banter and a sedated monkey?

You are not the one for me! <<SWIPE.

(Pippa, 31, Leeds) 


Am I your Tinderella?

Are you the lucky fella?

I know you fell in love in Amsterdam

By the smoke filled pictures on your Instagram

You were online at 12:02, I can tell as the ticks went blue

But ow no whats that? Its not me, its you

Your just not ready to see it through

(Anonymous, 32, Dorchester)


Am I your Tinderella?

Are you the lucky fella?

First date nerves, then comes ‘nice to meet you, I’m Trevor’

Your eyes are truly sky blue, but my goodness your words are but few

I stare contently into my dumpling beef stew, whilst I feel your feet tapping away to The Who

Can I really visualise a ‘Me and a You’?

I’m afraid Trev, this is just not gonna do

I walk away and whisper a big PHEW!

(Hanna-Lisa, 30, Weymouth)

Am I your tinderella?

Are you my lucky fella?

Deep eyes, good thighs

Maybe your the one she cries

I can feel the connection buzzing through my phone

Almost enough to give you a bone

Then stumbling and fumbling through the first date

We realise we are in fact just mates….

(Izzy, 29, Bristol)


Am I your tinderella?

Are you my lucky fella?

Your profile tells me you’re an actor

That is indeed an appealing factor

Days spent discussing when and where to meet

Only to bump into you at the end of my street

So much shorter than in my anticipation

Total inability to hold a conversation

Guess I’m going to have to wait

For that elusive amazing date!

(Rafi, 29 London)


Am I your tinderella?

Am you the lucky fella?

Try and get me drunk and into bed on too much gin

It will  defiantly bring me out in a huge grin

But this little lady

Doesnt like her men shady

You got to make my soul giggle if you want us to do the naked wiggle

(London-check out her awesome The Adventures of Tinderella blog)


Am I your tinderella?

Are you the lucky fella?

I was attracted to your witty charm

But two dates in and I’m raising the alarm!

You said you wanted marriage

A proposal and a baby carridge

Your nuts, I’m gone

But I’m keeping your Netflix log on

(Anonymous, 34, London)


Am I your Tinderella?

Are you the lucky fella?

The search continues as the days tick by

Swiping away to find the right guy

Fantastic a match a nice guy it may be

Exchanging numbers, wow he’s texting me!

The messages go on for days to come

So much in common he seems real fun

But then it starts,  we hit some bumps

Sending me pics of his trouser lumps

Deleted and blocked, and again I start

To find me a man

To give me his heart

(Leonie, 31, Weymouth)


Am I your Tinderella?

Are you the lucky fella?

A notification saying your a match, I start to hope maybe he’s a catch

Until I look a little closer and find your just a full on poser

The words “wow your hot” is just about all you’ve got

So for now I think i will keep on swiping….

With the secret hope to soon find my prince charming

(Pippa, 31, Weymouth) 

Submit your verse to the group Tinder poem project


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