Travel Diaries: Two Bridie’s Went For a Walk in Goa…

I am loving writing this travel diary, writing and travelling are two and my passions!

I landed and instantly felt proud of myself for making this journey on my own, I felt like I was walking taller. (p.s. I’m writing this as the lights are flickering, there might be another power cut in a min). The sweet smell and kind warmth glided over me and up my nostrils, as I walked out of the air port and into the chassis of arrivals. Thankfully my forward planning and getting a taxi driver to hold my name on a big card worked, and I saw him straight away and we then walked over to the car park. Amazingly before I left for India I was thinking of asking my garage if I could trade in my red Susuki Swift for a white one, and Goa is full of them! We rode for 1.5 hours and I am in love with the post colonial Portuguese architecture, I can already imagine myself buying one and doing it up and using it as a holiday home.


There is one similarity here to Ghana and Uganda, and that is that the poverty I saw seems to display itself with the same adjoining characteristics, of mounds of mud, with children, goats and dogs playing bare bummed and care free, in amongst the littering of red painted buildings promoting Vodafone (or other networks). I can’t work out if these phones companies are monitoring the situation or if these communities living in poverty are actually some of the biggest customers of these phone brands. Vodafone sponsoring poverty, or poverty sponsoring Vodafone??

Any way, while I was walking along the big old beach trying to cool down my cankles in the Indian ocean, I bump into a women who was also called Bridie, who was in her 60’s and from the UK. I was the first Bridie she had ever met before! I love it when life does things like this. So we walked along in the surf together for a few km, then went for a drink together with her friend. It was so nice to feel like I have a familiar face here now, as she is out here for another month (for comes for 6 months every year).


Then cut to me finding myself in a dodgy what felt like a back street aryvadic massage place, kitted out with thread bare curtains separating each client, a loud fan, and pin wholes in the wall letting in little star beams of light into the very dark room. my masseuse was brilliant, and I think one of the best I have ever had! Although I am not going to lie, when he pulled down my bikini bottoms, to reveal my full arse crack, I was a little taken a back, but the cool breeze of the fan wafting over my butt actually was very welcome in this heat!

Now all unpacked, and found out that I am paying way over the odds for my room (which is not as advertised), but not to sure what to do a I don’t want to start the course off on a bad foot. I am just going to have to think about what to do a bit longer. Met the rest of my course mates today, there is 5 of us, all women, and they all seem really nice. I went for dinner with 3 of them and the conversation soon moved to all things alternative, Guru, travels and meditation. It was nice to have such a varied conversation, talking about trying out 3 different ashrams before finding the one! I have found my ashram for this evening and its called Guru Bed!

Love B




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