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Ayurveda Diaries: Life Knowledge…?

So I am sat here in my sweaty room in Goa, the fan is on but its just wofting round the crazy hot air! I am underwear and makeup free (TMI?), its just too hot! and everything just slides off my body in the heat, and I mean everything!!! (but I still have my toe ring on-do you have a good mental image now?! haha). 

I am one week into my Ayurvedic course and I thought it would be a good time to share with you what I have learnt so far. But where to start?!?! I am going to start with sharing the basics with you, as I don’t want you to think I have gone nuts, I am going to ease you into the nuts stuff bit by bit, but at my teacher Gagori says ‘its just new logic’. Yes, I can hear you, new logic? I really struggled with even this concept! Is new logic even possible? surely logic is always logical? (my brain went a little into a philosophical over drive with this one liner!). So here goes, this is your quick introduction to Ayuveda.

Ayu = Life

Veda = Knowledge

Ayuveda (which for my dyslexic brain is a nightmare to remember how to spell, is it y then u, or the other way round!?), is an ancient system of medicine which stems from the vedic sciences (5000 ish years old-some times quoted as the oldest form of medicine-I am going to look into this further). It is a system which I have come to understand, applies the knowledge of health and disease (or referred to in Ayuveda as normal functions and imbalances), with the focus on bringing about individual freedom  and then enjoying this new state of freedom which comes from elevating the illness or disease. It takes into account the physical body and the mental state and health.

There you go, that was lesson number one in Ayurveda!

Much love Bridie x



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