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Ayurveda Diaries: Ghee Hole Monday and Sweet Tooth Friday Kinda Lifestyle (India what have you done to me!)

So this trip so far has been beautiful (people, place, animals and lifestyle), revealing, and some times a little…WFT? So in one of my last posts, I gave you an introduction to Ayurveda and I said it was going to get a little more nuts, especially to our Western minds and logic.

Lifestyle is absolutely everything! and I cant express this enough, our lifestyles can give us health, clarity of mind, vitality and physical and emotional freedom…but…they can also give us illness, brain fog, pain, unhealthy mental states, anxiety and so on. And I think the majority of us can agree with this.

We have been learning about our constitutions (dosha) and are about to learn about our imbalances tomorrow, and I will upload a blog post about this at a later date, as its quite an in-depth subject. What I am going to talk you through my new lifestyle routine and how it is shaping up so far, to help bring my health and life back into balance.


Monday = Ghee hole day (WFT? I hear you say!) So placing Ghee (purified butter) in our 9 orifices. I will just give you a moment to count them up…and yes your butt hole is one of them. The benefits of this are that its lubricating and gets right into your body at all your vital spots. I know it sounds weird, but I am just going with it and seeing how I feel. My dosha kapha which means I only need to do this once a week (thank goodness!). If you are Vata its every day, or Pitta then alternate days.

Friday = Sweet treat day So due to my kapha excess (my constitution is dominantly kapha- but I also have too much of it, leading to aggravated kapha symptoms e.g. weight gain, lethargy, slowing of movement etc), I am cutting out all sweet foods 6 days of the week, and then allowing myself a sweet treat on a Friday. My teacher says that this lifestyle change will drastically help all my other imbalances (I will write about these in a later blog).

Morning routine = Wakey wakey rise and shine Wake at 6, wash face, shot of Jala juice on empty stomach, oil pull, drink 1 litre of water, yoga for 30 mins, meditate 30 mins, then shower and breakfast (this is likely to change as I learn more about myself)

Daily routine = Move my boring butt I will be taking lunch breaks, eating lunch, and going for short walk. Doing fast passed exorcise for 1 hour 5 times a week (min), like spinning, jogging, cycling or ashtanga yoga.

•And for now this is enough changes to try and get into my life, small steps in the right direction and I know I will be pain free, inflammation free, full of energy and have clarity of mind, I can just feel the changes coming. Namesta Bitches xxx


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