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Ayurveda Diaries: Ayurveda Lifestyle Love Affair (My Story)

I fell in love with the Ayurveda lifestyle without even knowing it. My story is one of suffering from a an autoimmune disease called Endometriosis, which later grew into Adenomyosis with bouts of depression thrown in every fews years for good measure. This was the most prominent factor of my daily life from the age of 10-30. Thats 20 years! Depression, feeling lost, feeling lonely in my illness, battling mental chaos, and dealing with extreme and debilitating pain, every day and night. 6 operation, 1 trip in an ambulance, and 6 months on morpheme. I had lost sight of who I truly was and forgot how it felt to enjoy my body. This was my norm, and at the age of 30 I had admitted defeat, and I was letting it win….Then I changed my logic.

My first experience of Ayurveda was in Ibiza, and my mum had taken me on a week long trip to the island of love, music and sunshine and we were doing 1 week long yoga trip. During that week, I went from day 1 near passing out with pain (at this point in my life it was nearly a weekly occurrence, but I was good at hiding it and keeping on going),taking very strong Spanish opioid pain killers, needing to sleep 12+ hours a night, extreme brain fog, muscle fatigue, extremely swollen joints, big endo belly (endo sisters will know what this is),IBS,  battling bouts of anxiety then depression, and so on and so on… but this don’t forget was my daily norm. But fast forward to day 7 of the Ibiza trip and as if by magic…No pain killers, 8 hours sleep, energy, ability to think, ability to converse, endo belly nearly gone, ability to form new friendships, giggle, smile, and feel free from my body, and…I had a good healthy poop every day (you don’t know how good this feels, until you haven’t done one for years-its the best! #angelpooh #onewipewonder).

So what was the difference, why did the 7 days in Ibiza have such a drastic effect on my mental and physical health? These are the benefits I felt below:

  1. I was practicing yoga for 3 hours a day: before no yoga or exercise
  2. I was drinking lots of water: before survived of a crazy amount of black coffee
  3. I was eating three healthy meals a day: before survived of a crazy amount of sugar and carbs to give me energy and get me through the day, regularly skipping meals
  4. I was in nature, in the warmth, in the sun: before I was surrounded by my daily stress aggravators, work, work colleagues, home life, commuting, damp, cold, dark, long hours, no me time
  5. I had a daily routine: before, I had no routine, woke when I could, skipped meals, rushed and raced around trying to catch up on everything, pleasing everyone else and forgetting about myself
  6. I meditated daily: before, this wasn’t even an option to try this, there was no time for looking after the inner me
  7. I went to bed early (before 10pm): before, I went to bed at either 7pm or 1pm, either right when I got in from work as exhausted, or I couldn’t sleep
  8. I woke up early: before I would sleep for the full day if you let me, and often I did
  9. I did things for me, like painted, explored, swam in the sea, made new friends: before all of this was out of the question, always striving for the job promotion, build the business or sleeping. I used to play the piano, paint, play roller hockey when I was a kid but these things just slowly vanished when I hit 10 (I started my periods at 10) each year, less and less did I do the things I loved.
  10. I practiced self love, massaging oil into my endo belly, taking vitamins, stretching, getting mini pedis, brushing my teeth daily: before, you would be lucky if i brushed my hair!

Now that I am studying Ayurveda I have learnt that this week in Ibiza was in fact the perfect Ayurvedic therapeutic lifestyle prescription my mind and body needed. Well not just needed they were actually crying out for it! Thank you Ibiza, thank you mum, thank you to the amazing yoga teacher, and for the sun, nature, organic food, and wonderful people. But…I came home and went straight back to my old lifestyle ways, and yes you guessed it…it all came back like a rude smack in the face! So I can declare that a prescribed Ayurvedic Lifestyle just for you (dosha) works. I was the guinea pig for you, to show that if you don’t stick with your Ayurvedic lifestyle changes you are just going to go back to square one with your mental and physical health a feel like a big ass sack of shit again. That I can guarantee!

ayurveda lifestyle

My top 10 tips for an Ayurveda Lifestyle

  1. Find out your dosha (true physical and mental nature) and work out your aggravations dosha (you can book in with me for your consultation via the contact page)
  2. Apply your personal lifestyle changes, it takes time so go easy on yourself, but you will love your self and others more and more everyday that you do it
  3. Eat three healthy meals a day. A small wet and moist meal for breakfast, largest meal at lunch time (your digestion is strongest then), then smaller and warm for dinner. DO NOT SKIP MEALS, OR OVER EAT
  4. Name your gut! mine is called Martha and I love her. All disease and illness starts in the gut, so you need to look after yours, so name them, love them and nurture them
  5. Don’t eat or do any therapies later than 7:30pm, your body cant handle it
  6. Go to bed early (no later than 10pm)
  7. Get your ass up early. Ideally at 4am-so you can practice yoga and meditation and get ready for the day- you can take a nap between 6-7am if you need to)
  8. Practice self love. Do daily massage, paint, draw, play your favourite sport, walk with friends, tune into what you love and bring it back into your life. This will help bring harmony to your mind, and then therefore your body
  9. lube your holes! yes I did just say that. But if you don’t want to be a cranky, clicky, wrinkly, aching old fogy before your time, then you need to look after your joints and the systems which support it. So lube them up! you can use ghee or other natural oils like coconut or almond, and place a small amount into the 9 orifices of your body (I will let you count them…and yes your butt hole is one of them!). You can do this either once a week, every other day or every day, once you know your dosha.
  10. Reduce, minimise and kick stress in the ass! It really is a killer. You will know when you sit down and really think about it, what is the root cause of your stress and emotions, listen to your gut and be honest with yourself. Is it your job? family history? not following your passions, a toxic relationship. There are many good tools for doing this, and I found the book my Melisa Ambriosis ‘Mastering your Mean Girl’ (applies to guys too), is perfect. Lots of practical tools, and written from the heart.


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