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Top 10 Ayurveda Tips from Me to You

These are my Top 10 Tips I have found through trial and error and by listening to my Ayurvedic teacher (and taking on board what she says). They really can have a huge positive impact on your mind and body. Dont forget 99% of illness stems from our emotions and you have the amazing ability to heal yourself. I believe in you.

Its time to be brave and put on your big girl and big boy pants. I know its scary, I have been there and I am still there, but its time to tune into why you are feeling unwell/not in balance/burnt out/run down/ and or suffering from recurring illness (both mind and body).

ayurveda tips

  1. Find out your dosha (your true physical and mental self) and work out your aggravations (you can book in your free consultation with me below) 
  2. Apply your personal lifestyle changes, it takes time so go easy on yourself, but you will love your self and others more and more everyday that you do it
  3. Eat three healthy meals a day. A small wet and moist meal for breakfast, largest meal at lunch time (your digestion is strongest then), then smaller and warm for dinner. DO NOT SKIP MEALS, OR OVER EAT 
  4. Name your gut! mine is called Martha and I love her. All disease and illness signs starts in the gut, so you need to look after yours, so name them, love them, tune into them and nurture them
  5. Don’t eat or do any therapies later than 7:30pm, your body cant handle it
  6. Go to bed early (no later than 10pm)
  7. Get your ass up early. Ideally at 4am-so you can practice yoga and meditation and get ready for the day- you can take a nap between 6-7am if you need to (no I am no high writing this, give it a go it feels good
  8. Practice self love. Do daily massage, paint, draw, play your favourite sport, walk with friends, tune into what you love and bring it back into your life, and therefore love back into your life. This will help bring harmony to your mind, and then therefore your body
  9. Lube your holes! yes I did just say that. But if you don’t want to be a cranky, clicky, wrinkly, aching old fogy before your time, then you need to look after your joints and the systems which support them. So lube them up! you can use ghee or other natural oils like coconut or almond, and place a small amount into the 9 orifices of your body (I will let you count them…and yes your butt hole is one of them!). You can do this either once a week, every other day or every day, once you know your dosha.
  10. Reduce, minimise and kick stress in the ass! It really is a killer. You will know when you sit down and really think about it, what is the root cause of your stress and emotions, listen to your gut and be honest with yourself. Is it your job? family history? not following your passions, a toxic relationship. There are many good tools for doing this, and I found the book my Melisa Ambriosis ‘Mastering your Mean Girl’ (applies to guys too), is perfect. Lots of practical tools, and written from the heart.

Much love B x



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