moon salutations
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Yoga Moon Salutations

Moon Salutations is an asana sequence is perfect on days when you feel burned-out, tired or overstimulated. It is especially beneficial for people who are feeling stressed and need to balance the energy before reaching a point of exhaustion and for people who have have reduced doshas.


Sunset or in our UK winter times any time before dinner is a great time for practicing your Moon Salutation, because it represents a balance between darkness and light, night and day, heightened energy and decreasing energy. Energy can be low during the new moon, full moon and waning moon, making these times of the month great for boosting energy using the Moon Salutation.

I have created a short YouTube playlist below for Yoga Moon Salutations, a good eclectic mix of teachers, accents and styles, so hopefully there will be one which resinates with you.


moon salutations
Happy moon cycles Warriors and let me know how you get on in the comments below.

Peace out x




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