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How To Get Out Of Your Endo Rut

Are you in an Endo (Endometriosis) rut? So not only is it the time of year when we all decide to reevaluate every moment, movement and minuet of our lives after the Christmas and New Years slump, but many of us are also battle chronic illness, chronic pain and or mental health, which can all be triggered and flared up during this time of year.

So my question to you is…how do you look after yourselves during this phase of the year?

Well, while you are all thinking about this (please add yours to the comments below to help others), I am going to tell you what I do to avoid and Endometriosis rut in January.

How I avoid an Endometriosis and Adenomyosis rut

So…I admittedly have not always been the best at this. The whole self love and self care thing was a distant thought until hit my rock bottom 2 years ago, which resulted in me being taken out of the toilets at work on a stretcher and carted off in an Ambulance to A&E..which then led to 18 months on liquid morpheme, my 5th operation, and I think a bit of a mental brake down just to put the cherry nicely on the top. So I really do know how important self love and self care are and also how difficult it is to shift our tired, warn out brains into this new way of thinking and behaving.

endo rut

My Top 2 Tips For Avoiding and Endo Rut

  1. DO NOT SHUT YOURSELF AWAY-Now I know, that on those toe curling, jaw clenching pain days that the last thing you want to do is socialise. But ladies please please please don’t shut yourselves off from your loved ones. Endo flares are shown to increase depression and anxiety and these are then shown to flare up even more Endometriosis so its a cruel circle of events. Call your loved ones round for a cuppa, watch a film in bed with your bestie, call an old uni friend for a catch up and if you can manage it get out side for 30 mins and soak up that vitamin D and give the world a smile. These little things were and still are literally my life savers. I have created a closed FaceBook Group called Endo Warrior Queens which you are very welcome to join, just CLICK HERE and I will see you in there. Remember you are never alone x
  2. LOVE YOUR SELF- This is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do! Its just three simple little words that literally blew my life up! I believe that everything is energy and that when something is frequenting from the vibration of love it shifts things for the better…for the bloody best! If you love yourselves ladies, you will look after yourselves, and if you are looking after yourselves you will be able to heal, grow and thrive. I read these three books, and I have given the Mean Girl book to so many friends as presents, as it literally changed my life! (not even shitting you!)


And thats it. The rest will flow from there, and you will then find your own path for your endo healing and will be able to create a life which plays to the tune of your heart. And remember, I completely believe in you and you have 100% got this, you are an amazing Wellbeing Warrior!

Much love B xx




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