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Travel Diariees: New Chapter in Bali

So I am sat here in Heathrow airport, ticking off some final todo’s off my list before I fly away for my five week trip to Bali to complete my yoga teacher training course and I feel bloody brilliant! No grey cloud hanging over me, no turbulent relationship waiting for me, no family dramas, health is on the up and I am feeling that I have made some good leaps forward recently.

I am drinking my water, and watching the plans take off while surrounded by the sounds of languages from across the world become louder than the crazy loud costa coffee making machine. I love hearing new accents, seeing new dress, and not feeling like the majority, I like the feeling that I am surrounded by lots of people who are joined by one common thing of being in an airport and not being in their home lands. There is a cute young autistic boy who has just come to my table who has taken a shining to my pen and note book and is now drawing away in it, the drawing has quietened him down, and his parents are smiling over, as if to say thank you.

The past few months have been crazy and testing beyond belief! and when I say crazy that is an understatement! I had to make a hard decision to leave my 39k a year job in the charity sector, so that I could find a new way of creating and living my life that wasn’t detrimental to my health. The stress of the job and the travel aggravated my endometriosis, adenomyosis and fibromyalgia, triggering pain flare up after pain flare up. I deeded that going back to work and then burning out was not a cycle or rhythm I wanted my life to take. So notice handed in, yoga teacher training course in Bali booked, put my flat on Airbnb, and then freaked out for three months waiting for D day to come! My d day was my last day at work and the day I got on the flight (all within 24 hours). Now I am hear the other side of D day and I feel like the depression, and chronic pain and fatigue which were all jumbled up in this big grey and heavy cloud is lifting off me, and its shrinking all at the same time.

So here is to the next chapter in my life, one where I am listening to my heart, taking action and living a life which feels authentic to me. I must confess that I am shitting my pants though!

Best wishes

B x




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