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My Journey With Endo & the Birth of Endo Self Love Club

Hi my name is Bridie and I’ve had a long old journey with Endometriosis & Adenomyosis over the years (17 years). This journey has lead me to have 4 operations, 1 trip in an ambulance, 1 induced menopause, countless different hormone treatments and in the most recent years a hysterectomy looming over me. Although there’s no cure (well not yet ladies), a plant based diet, yoga and living from love is what saved me and made me able to live a life free from strong pain killers (I was on morphine for a 18 months!! A whole fricken 18 months!). Now I still have my bad days, no matter how many downward dogs I do, where only an epsom salt bath and my heat pad are all I can bring myself to do (praise the lord for PJs!). And now here I am a business owner of Endo Warrior Queens! 

My Endo & Adeno Timeline

  • Aged 10 started my periods-first period lasted 4 weeks (I thought I was dying!)
  • Aged 12 put on contraceptive pill
  • Aged 10-16 constant trips to the doctors to say that something wasn’t right, which was a really scary thing to do as a child and young women, especially as it involved talking about lady areas! Frequently told nothing was wrong
  • Aged 16 first laparoscopy. Before my op the surgeon came to see me and said ‘you do know we’re not going to find anything’. Which made me feel like a right NHS time waster! Then I woke up form the lap and he was stood there with the biggest smile on his face (so I am thinking they didn’t find anything). But no, he then says ‘you have severe and extensive endometriosis, stage 4.’ It was like he had won the jackpot or found gold at the end of the rainbow, but for me it was bloody daunting. What did this mean? What next?
  • Aged 18 second lap
  • Aged 18 put on Prostap and have an induced menopause. I lasted 6 months of this, it literally gave me a brain and body transplant and I hated every minute, I didn’t know who I was any more
  • Aged 18-23 contraceptive injection and contraceptive pill back to back with no break
  • Aged 23 third lap
  • Aged 23-24 contraceptive injection back to back with no break
  • Aged 29 pass out in work toilets from pain and taken to A&E in an ambulance (really embarrassing!)
  • Aged 29-31 surviving on regular doses of morphine (still not fully taking the pain away)
  • Aged 30 fourth lap and told I have Adenomyosis and my womb is the size of a women who is three months pregnant
  • Aged 31 told I have a year to have a baby or face having a hysterectomy
  • Aged 30-32 contraceptive pill back to back with no break
  • Aged 30-32 bouts of passing out increase and it become dangerous to drive
  • Aged 31 told I have Fibromyalgia
  • Aged 32 told I have to have a hysterectomy as they wont give me another lap to preserve my reproductive health
  • Aged 32 come off all hormone meds, pain killers and refuse a hysterectomy and decide to finally take control of my health

This timeline was hard to write! Endo and Adeno took me into womenhood at such an early age and have been threatening my ability to go into motherhood for most of my adult life. Not only this but its slowed me down, made me angry, made me resent life, made me depressed, made me anxious, not feel worthy, not feel sexy, not feel desirable as a women. But I decided that enough was enough and I took back control of my health and my life and I have not looked back.


This Book & Pain Relief Belt Literally Saved Me

Starting the Healing & Self Love Journey

I fully embarked on the healing journey in 2017 when I went to India for a month to study Ayurveda in the hopes that I could find the magic potion for Endometriosis and life. And in a way I did! I found that as soon as I moved away from the stress, the climate, the toxic people, the toxic foods that my body and mind began to heal its self. And not only this, I began to be open and honest about endo, adeno and my fibro which then led me to creating Endo Warrior Queens. Endo Warrior Queens I now feel is my purpose in life. For too long I wanted my endo not to exist and resented it, but now I embrace it as it has brought so many wonderful endo sisters into my life.


My Quals & Training

I have two first class degrees – a First Class BA (Hons) in Education Studies and a MA with distinction in International Development and Education. I am passionate about life long learning and giving people the tools to heal themselves and live a full, pain free and healthy life (in mind, body and soul). After 8 years of working in the stressful charity sector as a product and education manager I quit my job and set out on a new path in life. This amazing new journey has taken me to India to study Ayurveda, Glastonbury to study the foundations of yoga with the British Wheel of Yoga and Bali to complete my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Endo Self Love Club

In 2017 I wrote one of my first ever honest posts about living with Endometriosis and it went viral! Its still growing in comments and shares every day and it blows my mind! I was and still so over whelmed with the love and support. More than that is also how people were tagging their loved ones in the post to say ‘look this is how I have been trying to tell you how it feels’.

The idea that I am helping other endo sisters communicate with their loved ones about endo literally made my heart explode! So I thought to myself (after a few days of sitting back and freaking out about it as all the likes and shares froze my social media) that this is the universe telling me to use my voice, to write more, to share more as it can help others, so that my lovelies is how Endo Self Love Club was born.

This is what I posted-you can see the original here

‘I saw this and it just struck me that this is a powerful image to help show others what it’s like to live with endometriosis and adenomyosis. I can never quite find the words to explain the pain and when I say pain I mean even on a non flare up day, there is always pain, if you twist a certain way, go to the loo, have a stressful day, a few hours later bam! The pain strikes! 

Then when you have a flare up, it’s like you have a thousand nails inside of you shooting into you ovaries, womb, bowel, bladder, back, vagina, making you see stars, taking your breath away, making your toes curl, your hands grip onto what ever they can until the pain passes. And that’s the tip of the iceburg.

Please respect women with endometriosis and adenomyosis. Their pain is real, their struggle is real, their fear is real. Put your arm around them, listen to them and help make a change by spreading the word.

Thank you for reading Bridie x


We Endo Warrior Queens are part of the worlds biggest girl group and if all women with endo lived together we would make up the 8th biggest country in the world! Now I am bloody proud to be part of such a sisterhood and I feel blessed for the friends, connections, countries and experiences Endo has brought into my life. Now I am actually at a place in my life where I can say,
 ‘I love my Endo’
for without it I wouldn’t of grown into the human I am proud to be today (starting to get soppy-sorry ladies). I am proud to be me, proud to be an Endo Sister, proud to be an Endo Warrior Queen. And proud to be by your side as part of the biggest girl band in the world!

Thank you for reading about my story, journey and the start of Endo Warrior Queens. Drop your story below in the comments, I would love to hear from you

Lots of love

Bridie xx


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