Tania's Endometriosis Story
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Tania’s Endometriosis Story

Story from Rebecca Dimovski’s website, used with her permission, read original here. Go and check out her instagram @Smekka and give her a follow and like. Also post features her AMAZING photography taken from her Project Endo check it out and support it here.

“Its common knowledge that with your menstrual cycle comes menstrual cramps. They go hand in hand… right?

I remember clearly in Year 8 my cycle had begun. The first 2 or so years it was smooth sailing. I questioned what other girls and woman or on about when they spoke about pain. Then from the age of 16 it hit and I learnt about this excruciating pain that goes along with “Aunt Flo”

I tried everything, being natural remedies or just your usual panadol and nurofen to take the edge off. Im not a fan of medication so even though friends that suffered similar pain would recommend them i am always reluctant.

Tania's Endometriosis Story



I knew what was coming every month and around the same time and same duration. It was always severe and always debilitating for at least the first 3 days. Yr 12 trying to write and essay on Frankenstein i will not forget that pain that hit me out of no where and gave me sweats, nausea and just wanting to scream in a quite testing room. Obviously you don’t want to make a scene and people always thought you were over reacting or trying to get of something. They always offered that damn hot water bottle. They claimed it was the ultimate cure. NO! i was already so hot! Clutching that damn thing and almost in a fetal position i wrote the never ending essay on Frankstein. Happy to be done I went to sick bay and my mum found me there tucked underneath the seat as i couldn’t even bear to sit up or lye down. I got a C on that essay, gee just imagine if i
was well!

Tania's Endometriosis Story

There are stories that it all goes away once you have a baby. This too was a lie. Maybe it did for some, but definitely not for me. I have heard of endometriosis. As of recently a lot more light is being put on it and it maybe something to consider getting tested for. Like i said many girls suffer thinking it is just the way it is. This is not the case.

Thank you to Rebecca for being so strong and educating myself and others on this disease.”

— Tania M, Epping

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