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Devaney’s Endo Story

Devaney’s Endo story from Rebecca Dimovski’s website, used with her permission, read original here. Go and check out her instagram @Smekka and give her a follow and like. Also post features her AMAZING photography taken from her Project Endo check it out and support it here.

It is 3 A.M. my time, I have been up for the past hour vomiting sick because yet again I am forced to get back on birth control to regulate my hormone levels so that I can keep my endo symptoms and pain under control. Right now I’m thinking to myself, “WOW why does my body have to be put through all this”. These past couple of weeks I was off my birth control and I thought just maybe I could get pregnant, that didnt happen… I know I wasn’t fully dedicated to getting pregnant but it’s scary to know in the back of my head that it just may never happen for me. It’s a relief I have somewhere to share my anxiety and worries about my disease, I always feel like no one takes this serious. Thank you for being my safe place.

Devaney Candelaria

The Power Of Sharing Your Story

We are sent many of your beautiful and heart felt Endometriosos and Adenomyosis stories via social media and email and we love love love receiving them. We know just how powerful sharing your story can be in your healing journeys and we know that it is often the first step for many of you, as it was for our founder Bridie Apple (see her story below). We would love to receive and share your stories here on Endo Self Love Club as a way of helping you on your healing journey and to help others on theirs too. Please write your story and copy and paste it below and include a picture of yourself and wether you would like to be named or anonymous (we will use a different image if you wish to be anonymous).

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