Bridies recommended wellbeing products

My Most Recommended Self Love Resources Which I Use Daily

Yoga Pants

This little gem is a skin saver! I use it for everything. Face mask, night cream, hand cream, chapped skin, dry lips it does it all and smells divine! I scoop out a little in a pot and carry it around in my hand bag too. Get yours here.

Organic Beauty Balm

Now I live in these, I teach in these, and have even been known to have wore them out to dinner on a Saturday night with a pretty top. Buy your pot of goodness here.


Fitness Watch

Now I normally dislike the look of anything too ‘sporty’. But this beauty in pink and rose gold makes me very happy. And helped me lower my resting heart rate from 101 to 65! Check out the colours and buy yours here. 

Dry Body Brush

I use this every other day before my shower. I brush up from my feet towards my heart in circular motions. I used to have all these little pimple bumps on the tops of my arms and thighs and now they are gone! Plus it helps with my detoxing process. Grab yours here and see the difference in your skin. 


Organic, No Allergies, Eco Friendly Mattress

Such a happy bunny when this bad boy came. I have Asthma, and this mattress really helped ease my breathing at night. Its Eco Friendly and Organic and  though it was one of my bigger purchases when transitioning my life to a higher wellbeing lifestyle, it was worth every penny! Check them out and maybe start with one of their pillows here. 

Vegan Supplements I Use…

Please consult your health care practitioner before starting a course of supplements

Natural Pain Relief I Use…

Natural & Organic Beauty Products I Use Weekly…


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