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womens flow yoga

Womens Flow Yoga

Hello all!

I thought I would start sharing with you our women’s flow yoga classes. This post is for the class held on the 11th of January 2019.

Womens Flow Yoga

Theses are my little stick person sketches and some notes on each pose. Also find below the playlist we listened too full of female energy and healing energy music so you can play at home, work and create some healing calm in any environment 🙂

Also I have put together a little playlist of different tempo Sat Nam (I am) mantras and songs so you can find the one which resonates with you. Sat Nam is the mantra which I play at the end of every womens flow class.

Key things to remember…

  • You are your own best Yogi Guru and Wellbeing Guru. Therefore you know what feels best for your body, breathe and brain. So dont over push, stretch, breathe. Take it really really slow and if you think your moving too slow, then you are probably at the correct pace for you.
  • You are breathing and pulling your strength from your Uddiyana Bundha (your energy lock just above your tummy button).
  • The poses are flowing from your hips and pelvis.
  • Maybe brake the flow into one pose (e.g. camel) and then place a heart meditation in rose pose at the beginning and then finish in Savasana (healing human pose). This could be a good way to start your home practice.
  • Remember to take it easy, listen to what your body is telling you it needs to find that sweet spot in the pose.
I have put together over 10 hours of healing music all based around female energy and healing. Best wishes B x

Sat Nam (I am) Playlist. Find the tempo and voice which resonates well with you. Happy home practice!

I will eventually be doing little 10min yoga videos of sections of our class (as my little notes are a bit scruffy!).

Happy self loving ladies

Love B x

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