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Welcome to our new Flow. Grow. Glow. Ambassador Cassie Mather-Reid

Hi I’m Cassie, Mummy of twin girls and a fur baby (and a wife). I’m a qualified Yoga Teacher who has further studied and qualified in Pre and Post natal Yoga and Mummy and Baby.  I just recently completed my Yin training and Trauma is next on my agenda. Reiki and Crystal Healing is also woven in there to help with the healing journey.

Women’s health is becoming more and more of a passion of mine and sharing yoga, meditation and breath work to try and alleviate some of the symptoms women suffer and hopefully to help those women who have or are suffering trauma.

By pulling together we can help our generation to make the changes and provide the support for our future generations.  We can help, guide, mentor, love and support one another on our journeys. Educating each other and our next generations to be strong and capable women who are not body shamed or made to feel inadequate. Much Love Cassie x

Connect with Cassie below

Website www.yogawithcassie.com

Instagram @yoga_with_cassie

Facebook  @yogaflowwithcassie



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