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Woo Hoo 25% off at Body Shop until 14th March

Ow Body Shop I do love you! I have lots of juicy offers coming your way from Body Shop over the next coming weeks. See below for this first great offer of 25% off!!!

Also why not use it to explore Body Shops Vegan range = happy health + happy planet 🙂 winner wiiner vegan dinner!!!

Here at The Body Shop, we’re committed to saving our planet, our animals and making the world a better place – one vegan cosmetic at a time. That’s why we’ve created the Vegan Beauty Guide. Here you can find all the tips, advice and beauty products you need to support your plant-based lifestyle and help work towards a greener future. Discover our full ranges of Vegan Skincare and Make-up.

Offer Dates:

In-store: 9am Tuesday 19th February 2019 – EOP Thursday 14th March

Online: 9am Tuesday 19th February 2019 – 9am Friday 15th March

Use Code: 14672


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