6 Reasons For Having A Business Pinterest Account

Are you missing out on high-converting Pinterest traffic to your website/online shop because you’re confused how Pinterest can help you? How it can be used? What kind of boards & pins you should have? You thought it was just for collecting pictures of things you liked for inspiration on how to get that all illusive flat stomach one day?

I hear you! I thought this too! For years I used Pinterest to collect inspo on my dream town house, to organise my besties Hen Do, for plant based recipes, and for the all popular ‘Dream Wedding’! (Still no fella, let alone a ring on my finger! But hey, its best to be prepared right!).

So hold tight, I am about to burst your brain! Pinterest is now the highest converting social media platform. And I am talking converting pinners to website traffic and sales! yes SALES!!!!

But why? Well think about it, its because when you are on Pinterest, you are not fighting adds, click bait, pictures of your cousins new pet gold fish, fake news or pictures of ‘that guy’ who stole your heart that one night at uni!. When you are on Pinterest you are on there with an aim in mind. Pinners are there to do, to create, and will referee back to you’re high quality, useful and unique pins at a later date when they need help with that decoration project, new blog idea or planning their dream holiday.


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So what are you waiting for?

Also did I mention its bloody free! FREE!!!!! No cost to set up, no cost to create, no cost to upgrade to a business account, no cost to access the amazing analytics service, no cost to access their amazing key words searching service! I know, I cant quite believe it either!

Leave me a comment below with any questions you have and I will get right back to you.

Happy business pinning!!!

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