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Hi all, hope this gorgeos weather is filling you up with heat and love and light, to help you shine brighter in the days to come.

I have been fortunate to be sent some period pants from the wonderful company ModiBodi. Have you heard of them before? I am sure you have seen the ads floating around in facebook and instagram about ‘period proof pants’ and I also be you thought ‘ no way! thats not possible’ I did too! Or thought ‘but they would never hold my heavy flow’ yep I thought that too! So I gave them ago, and here is what I found. (haha I feel like a period pants investigative journalist writing this blog post!)


Voted the #1 Period Underwear & Incontinence Underwear Brand, we’re now in the UK. We are here to give all bodies more confidence and comfort, as well as a more sustainable solution to disposable hygiene.

From periods & discharge, light bladder leakage and weak pelvic floors to perspiration and pong, and pesky breastmilk leaks, we’ve got your back!

It’s time to ditch your tampons, liners, and pads and join the Modibodi Movement. Our sustainable, luxuriously comfy underwear & water repellent swimwear protects you from all of life’s unmentionables.


First things first. Here is what the period pants had to deal with…

  • I am a yoga teacher, sometimes teaching 4 classes a day, so lots and lots of movement
  • I drive around 200+ miles a week to clients and events, so lots of sitting in the car (this is often one of my most prone ‘leak’ times)
  • I have Endometriosis and Adenomyosis, which often can mean mid period I have 2 days of uncontrollable beading and clotting (TMI?) , which often results in my having to sit in the bath for hours until it has calmed down.


These are the two pants I tested…

  1. Classic Bikini size 16- black- light to moderate absorbency
  2. Classic Bikini size 16-black- heavy to overnight absorbency

The pants feel lush! Silky smooth, super comfortable and no cutting into your leg stuff going on here at all! I went straight into wearing the heavy-overnight pair as it was my heaviest day and also a big unsure if they would work. I was also on a date that day, going for a walk on the beach etc, and I wanted to doubly make sure I didnt leak. And the verdict is that they were perfect! I had to keep checking them a million times ‘just to make sure’. But they held me for 4 hours on my heaviest day, no leaks, no blood smells, no weird russelling sound coming from my knickers!  Winner winner!

The next day I then wore the lighter pair and I was teaching three yoga classes in the evening, and again they held up perfectly. No in the past its been like playing a game of marble run in my knickers while teaching yoga on a heavy day. I would line my knickers with three over night sanitary liners, two in the middle and one along the back. And then when a certain move meant that I flowed a little heavier, I would fine myself having to change the flow of the class, as I knew that if I sat down next that I would leak onto my yoga mat. Ow the joys! But with these period pants, I could take this worry out of my mind and just focus on the class.


I rinsed them under cold water then popped them in a cold wash and hung them out to dry and they were ready to go again. No stains, no smells, no worries, no extra money to be spent, no rushing to the shops to buy more pads.

I think the main hurdle in these, is the teaching yourself to let go and constantly checking if you have leaked or not. Its like we are so programmed to hide our periods from everyone, that we must be hyper vigulent when we are ‘on’ to make sure that no one can tell! But these Modi Bodi pants allow you to relax when you are ‘on’ and get on with topping up your self care tank, easing your cramps and enjoying life. And if you are an endo sister like me, then these pants will help you to have one less thing to think about, so on those really high pain and inflation days, you can just focus on being you and easing your symptoms without the worry of bleeding out in the car or on the super market floor!



Published by Bridie Apple

Hi my name is Bridie Apple and I am the founder of Endo Self Love Club which is a UK registered Social Enterprise with a global impact. I started Endo Self Love Club as a way of giving back to the Endometriosis community with the aim of creating a global sisterhood and healing self love community.

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