Amelia R, Ferntree Gully’s Periods Story

““I love being a female and having a female body it’s an extraordinary and powerful thing to inhabit. However there’s some experiences and stories which some don’t share. This is mine.

Periods are a funny thing we all love to hate them … I am I right. However mine have been a rocky road since I could remember, the pain, moods , breakouts and body aches take there toll each month. After suffering with agonising pain each month I decided to see my doctor. I was then put on the pill, which fixed a few of my monthly symptoms. Although the pill made me emotionally unstable and at times a completely different person. The painful cramps still didn’t ease, in fact they became worse. After countless doctors appointments and many agonising days at work I finally decided to say one last thing. To which my doctor said there was no point in investigating my issue. That my pain will subside as I get older or that I potentially have endometriosis, Or have a child. I left this appointment with a script for painkillers and a referral for an gynoclogist ( after I asked for one )

So my journey unlike Bec was a shorter experience yet it doesn’t take away from the fact we both had to fight for our bodies, that we weren’t being listened to.

So, I have two very important things to say about this.

1. As woman we should listen to or bodies. We know what’s “normal” for us as individuals.

2. Our lives are too short to be be dictated by pain.””

— Amelia R, Ferntree Gully

Published by Bridie Apple

Hi my name is Bridie Apple and I am the founder of Endo Self Love Club which is a UK registered Social Enterprise with a global impact. I started Endo Self Love Club as a way of giving back to the Endometriosis community with the aim of creating a global sisterhood and healing self love community.

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