Cassie’s PCOS, Adenomyosis & Endometriosis Story

Hi I’m Cassie,

I was only diagnosed with Endometrioses and Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome and may have Adenomyosis but won’t find out till I see a new gyno. last year I have two surgeries last year one in January for my cysts and also appendix removal but another one for my endo in July which didn’t overly help even with the nerve ablation.

I have had severe periods pretty much since I got it when I was twelve very heavy bleeding excruciating cramps and not exaggerating that either also large clots. I haven’t been able to work in a few years due to my health, with the endo and pcos I also have chronic fatigue I’m also in pain every day and I can’t get out of bed without pain killers I can’t work and have given up all my hobbies because of the pain and fatigue alongside mental health and my bursitis in my shoulder. I get constant cramping hip and pelvic pain, body aches, IBS l, back pain, headaches, leg pain ,dizziness/lightheadedness nearly all the time and also vomiting from the pain and how the chronic fatigue makes me feel. I rarely go out I’m very isolated and only seem to go out if absolutely necessary like groceries or appointments. My Gp has been quite nice about it has referred me to a new gyno and pain specialist but unfortunately they have both put me on category 3 even though my Gp stated I needed to be seen ASAP but they don’t care.

Alongside my physical health problems I have mental health issues as well and this constant pain and fatigue does not help it either, I’m not good around people and I’m very depressed all the time and quite stressed and can never relax because of all my health problems I haven’t been great on birth control as the women in our family it doesn’t seem to react well to, I haven’t been able to have kids and have had a few miscarriages can never seem to hold a pregnancy for anymore more than 4 weeks.
Despite all these problems the days I can get out of bed even though it takes me longer and have to have constant breaks I clean, I cook I make sure bills are paid and shopping is done I look after my animals also my dog and my bird. It’s been a really really rough several months first I lost my grandfather then my mother in March this year after watching her in severe pain and deteriorating bad and just watched her die and the hardest thing was not being able to help her or make it better she was 49, then her brother died Thursday just gone our family haven’t seemed to be able to catch a break. But I soldier on as best I can there are days where I want to lay down and give up on everything and just be done with it all if you know what I mean but I keep going I’m there for everyone as much as I can be, I’m kind and strong some days I think I am not but then I look back at everything I do, do daily and I’m a warrior as every other woman with this debilitating disease.

Published by Bridie Apple

Hi my name is Bridie Apple and I am the founder of Endo Self Love Club which is a UK registered Social Enterprise with a global impact. I started Endo Self Love Club as a way of giving back to the Endometriosis community with the aim of creating a global sisterhood and healing self love community.

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