Endometriosis is more severe for obese women, study finds

Research finds average severity score for obese women is two times higher than for healthy weight women.

Obese women are more likely to have severe endometriosis, a misunderstood condition that affects one in 10 women, an Australian study has found.

The study of 500 women with surgically confirmed endometriosis found women with a healthy body mass index were more likely to have endometriosis, but obese women were more likely to have severe forms of the condition which causes chronic pain and inflammation.

The average disease severity score of obese women was two times higher than that of healthy weight women, according to the findings published in the Journal of Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Disorders.

The lead researcher, Dr Sarah Holdsworth-Carson, from the Royal Women’s hospital and the University of Melbourne, said the research corrected the idea that only “skinny” women get endometriosis.

“There’s been a social dogma that’s arisen that has basically started to describe endometriosis as a disease of skinny women,” she said.

That was not the case and endometriosis should not be excluded among overweight or obese women presenting with symptoms.

The findings also add to evidence the condition is linked to a woman’s metabolism.

Original article in the Guardian, found here

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