Shiloh’s Endometriosis Story

“Every since I got my period it was very heavy and I got terrible cramps. My doctors would just shove any form of birth control my way to stop the bleeding. Nothing ever worked. I was always so sad and moody, terrible pms, hormonal acne, and I still got my period as heavy and painful. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and sent to a rehab facility for suicide watch. They put me on even more medication which made me feel worse.

I decided to get the implanon (arm implant) and that made me feel a little better. I stopped getting acne and stopped having major depressive episodes. But then a year into it, I started getting heavy painful periods for a week every fortnight. My boyfriend thought that it was my birth control acting up so I ignored it and didn’t go to the doctor. Finally after enduring this for 5 months I get an ultrasound and they diagnose me with Adenomyosis.

My GP tells me everything is fine, puts me on a mini pill and says I don’t need to see an obgyn. A couple months go by and after doing extensive research I wanted more answers, like why would a healthy, active 20 year old have a condition most women get after childbirth or later on in life. I’ve been told it’s an autoimmune disease, I’ve been told it’s the precursor to endometriosis.

After going to doctor #2 I finally got sent to an obgyn who tried to put in the Mirena but it was too painful. And thanks to my student health care, I couldn’t afford to be put under anaesthetic. She decided to wait until my insurance will cover me and we’re going to do an exploratory Laparoscopy to see how advanced my condition is. They couldn’t tell me if I can have kids.

As a 20 year old with a serious boyfriend who I’ve been living with for over a year. It really put a halt in our relationship. He didn’t want to be with me if I couldn’t have kids, and I wasn’t able to tell him because I didn’t know myself. I wasn’t getting any support from him, and my family lives in America. They get so upset hearing about my suffering so I don’t tell them.

Listening to other women’s stories and how they are able to be strong every day has helped me through this period of uncertainty.”

— Shiloh, Melbourne.


Published by Bridie Apple

Hi my name is Bridie Apple and I am the founder of Endo Self Love Club which is a UK registered Social Enterprise with a global impact. I started Endo Self Love Club as a way of giving back to the Endometriosis community with the aim of creating a global sisterhood and healing self love community.

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