Episode 2 with Aliya Galim ‘Wise Wombs & Healing Endometriosis Your Way.’

In the second episode of The Endo Hope Podcast, I had the please of interviewing Internal Feminine Arts creator Aliya Galim. Aliya works with women to heal their womb wounds, by using the tools of Shamanism, Somatics, Kabalah and Toasism. We talk about the womb wounds of Endometriosis and how you can use these tools to reclaim your health and healing from the disease. Dont forget to like, subscribe and share, to help spread the Endometriosis Hope word with the world.

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Published by Bridie Apple

Hi my name is Bridie Apple and I am the founder of Endo Self Love Club which is a UK registered Social Enterprise with a global impact. I started Endo Self Love Club as a way of giving back to the Endometriosis community with the aim of creating a global sisterhood and healing self love community.

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