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  • community yoga

    Littlemoor Community Yoga

    *UPDATE 25th March 2019- This has been extended with another 7 week yoga class course starting on the 16th of April. Click here to book your block booking of 7 yoga classes for £20 * Bridie will be running an 8 week course of yoga classes at the Big 4 Littlemoor community building (previously Horselynch Club). The Yoga classes have been designed to suite all levels and beginners (there is no standing on your head!). Bridie has won a grant fro £500 from the Big 4 Littlemoor local project which has been given £1mn to make a massive and lasting positive difference to our community. Bridies grant is part of this and…

  • Christmas Day Yoga Riased £100+

    A HUGE HUGE thank you from my heart to all who came out on Christmas Day to flow with me and help raise awareness and funds for Mind Dorset and support each other. It was such a special moment in my Yoga teaching life and it was by far the best! A big thank you also to those of you who donated via our just giving page (see below for link-still time to donate) and who donated on the day. Our target was £200 and once all the money from the day has been uploaded I think we will of hit it! woo hoo! DONATE TO MIND DORSET BY CLICKING…

  • 2019 Yoga With Bridie

    Hello all you lovely Yogis! Here is the 2019 updates yoga term times for those of you like me who love to plan and fill in their diaries 🙂 Winter Term 2019 Start 4th January – 15th February Easter Term 2019 Starts 25th February – 6th April Spring Term 2019 Starts 22nd April  – 3rd May Summer Term 2019 3rd June – 19th July  


    Nearly 29 million Americans practiced yoga last year. People try yoga for many health benefits which include reducing stress and improving fitness. Not only is yoga great for your physical health, but it is one of the best ways to take care your mental well-being. Yoga is a holistic practice and beneficial to those in recovery for substance abuse. It helps to heal the body and mind by shifting someone’s focus away from the substance.  Scottsdale Recovery Center includes yoga therapy in its programs because it offers calm and reflective rehabilitation through the postures, breathing exercises and guided imagery. Below are several of the benefits yoga provides to those in…

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