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About Bridie


Bridie Apple is a yoga teacher and educationalist from Dorset UK. On a mission to support as many people with the tools and joys of yoga. Bridie hosts a YouTube channel (launching Feb 2019- click here to subscribe) which will share weekly (every Sunday night) 10 min yoga and meditation videos  to help all shapes and sizes of people from across the world with no expensive gym budget reap the rewards of yoga in their home, at work and on the go.

Bridie has been awarded multiple community grants for her work with hard to reach communities and women (click here to see awards). Bridie won the up and coming academic in the field of education and development by the CATO Institute and written for many blogs and magazines on womens health, wellbeing, and Ayurveda. Bridie combines studies of educational development, yoga and wellbeing to provide a mindful and fun yoga practice for all which is always centered on you fining your own flow with yoga, tuning in so you can grow and live a life where you are glowing. Click here to join the FREE Flow, Grow, Glow community. 

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Epigenetics-You have the power over your health and wellbeing. You are in control of your cells and your genes. Your thoughts and environment can heal you from the inside out.

A Little About Bridie’s Journey To Teaching Yoga…

After working for 10 years in the charity sector Bridie experienced her own burn out and hit rock bottom. She retrained in Yoga, Reiki and Ayurveda and is now working towards her PhD at Bath University (She promise a blog on her story coming very soon!). One of Bridies dreams has been to be well enough to study for her PhD and knows that without yoga, slowing down and practicing self love that this dream would not be taking place. Bridie holds a 200 hr Somatic Yoga teacher qualification, Reiki Master practitioner and Ayurvedic therapist qualifications.

Bridie has a particular interest in applying the field of Epigenetics to support her students who suffer with Anxiety, womens health and weight issues on their own unique healing journeys.


Yoga really is about connecting with your body and mind so you can wake up and get to know yourself. Building a relationship with yourself and using the tools of yoga to help you see a world and way of living which makes you truly happy. Everything is connected, the way we breathe, speak, move, create, sleep, live and yoga brings awareness to all these areas and helps you harmonies them in tune with your song and individual rhythm. I look forward to flowing with you and supporting you on your yoga journey.


Love B x

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