How to Debunk Menstrual Health Stigmas in the Age of Consumerism

Dr. Bobel is Associate Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Massachusetts, and is also President of The Society for Menstrual Cycle Research. She just published a book, The Managed Body, where she explores developing girls and menstrual health in the global south.

What Causes Brown Discharge and What Does it Mean?

It can be disconcerting to notice brown vaginal discharge in your underwear or when you wipe. Most of the time, it’s nothing to worry about. Brown discharge is usually related to spotting in the days before your period begins, or old blood from your period taking a bit longer to leave the uterus.

Hormones 101: Finally Understand Your Reproductive Hormones

If you’re a woman of reproductive age (and if you’re not on hormonal birth control), your body goes through some drastic cyclical changes in hormones every month. You may be aware of these changes (hello, pimples and cramps and mood swings) or you may have no idea, but either way, they are happening. What’s driving all this? Hormones. A great many different hormones, in fact.

The Top 8 Reasons Why You Need a Period Tracker

Yes, periods can be uncomfortable, annoying, and frustratingly taboo. But more than ever before, women are paying attention to their menstrual cycles. If you’ve picked up a magazine or scrolled through your news feed recently, you’ve probably noticed: period tracking is a thing.

The Case for Bleeding: Think Twice Before Using the Pill to Skip Periods

Writing for the Guardian, Nicole Davis makes a strong claim: that there’s no need for women to get their periods. Pushing back against the recent wave of feminist authors and activists calling on women to embrace their periods, Davis points out that periods are inconvenient and cause pain and discomfort in some women. And further, having a period every month may not be as “natural” as it seems, because in earlier days women experienced far fewer periods due to more pregnancies and breastfeeding.

Katies Endometriosis Remission Story

No one tells you remission may be possible when you get diagnosed with endometriosis. Au contraire. Upon diagnosis you hear the worst, be it from doctors or online, or maybe you hear the incorrect advice to get pregnant to “cure” it. But no, remission is not a word that is often uttered during basic endo conversations. This is part of the devastating feeling of the disease, and also why you feel like you’ve found nirvana if one day you yourself achieves remission. This is my story.

Endometriosis Hope Study

If ‘we’ the 176 million women across the globe with Endometriosis do not fund and conduct this project then no one will.  This work needs your funding, backing, support, and umf to make a meaningful impact on the lives of women around the world. Donate today and contribute in giving the lives of 176 millionContinue reading “Endometriosis Hope Study”

Endometriosis: Thousands share devastating impact of condition

By Georgie BevanBBC News More than 13,500 women have taken part in BBC research revealing the devastating effect of endometriosis. Half said they had had suicidal thoughts, and many said they rely on highly addictive painkillers. Most also said endometriosis – involving painful periods – had badly affected their education, career and relationships. MPs areContinue reading “Endometriosis: Thousands share devastating impact of condition”

Episode 2 with Aliya Galim ‘Wise Wombs & Healing Endometriosis Your Way.’

In this episode, I interview Internal Feminine Arts creator Aliya Galim. Aliya works with women to heal their womb wounds, by using the tools of Shamanism, Somatics, Kabalah and Toasism. We talk about the womb wounds of Endometriosis and how you can use these tools to reclaim your health and healing from the disease.

Episode 1 with Bridie Apple ‘What is the Endo Hope Study?’

In this first episode of the Endo Hope Podcast I introduce to you the work which I am doing and talk to you about the Endo Hope Study. You can click here, to read more about the study and how you can get involved and support it. Drop me a comment below with your questions. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe so you never miss an episode.

Oblivi-osis: A poem to my endo surgeon

I was honoured to have my poem (below) feature on the Hysterical Women blog (click here to visit) ‘Poem To My Surgeon’ My name is Bridie, my disease is endometriosis You’re a gynaecological doctor, you disease is oblivi-osis You may be qualified, experienced, and able But that does not make you the right man on my operatingContinue reading “Oblivi-osis: A poem to my endo surgeon”

What is endometriosis? Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Original article taken from Endometriosis Foundation of America, read here What is endometriosis? Endometriosis is a disease that affects one of the most unrecognised parts of a woman’s life, her period. It is a very personal and intimate aspect of women’s health and can be thought of as a disease of menstruation. Endometriosis occurs whenContinue reading “What is endometriosis? Causes, Symptoms and Treatments”

Endometriosis, African Female Silent Nightmare

Even though the prevalence of endometriosis (severe menstrual pains) is well documented in women living in developed countries, studies on the prevalence of the daunting disease among African women are wanting. There is high misconception that endometriosis hardly affects women of African descent. Endometriosis, according to medical experts is the abnormal growth of endometrial tissue,Continue reading “Endometriosis, African Female Silent Nightmare”

Endo & Adeno What?

What is Endometriosis and Adenomyosis? Endometriosis is a disorder where the tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus grows on the outside and sometimes inside the wall of the uterus (aka Adenomyosis). It usually involves the ovaries, bowel, pouch of Douglas, bladder, tubes, or the tissue lining your pelvis, though sometimes it canContinue reading “Endo & Adeno What?”