How to Debunk Menstrual Health Stigmas in the Age of Consumerism

Dr. Bobel is Associate Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Massachusetts, and is also President of The Society for Menstrual Cycle Research. She just published a book, The Managed Body, where she explores developing girls and menstrual health in the global south.

Hormones 101: Finally Understand Your Reproductive Hormones

If you’re a woman of reproductive age (and if you’re not on hormonal birth control), your body goes through some drastic cyclical changes in hormones every month. You may be aware of these changes (hello, pimples and cramps and mood swings) or you may have no idea, but either way, they are happening. What’s driving all this? Hormones. A great many different hormones, in fact.

The Case for Bleeding: Think Twice Before Using the Pill to Skip Periods

Writing for the Guardian, Nicole Davis makes a strong claim: that there’s no need for women to get their periods. Pushing back against the recent wave of feminist authors and activists calling on women to embrace their periods, Davis points out that periods are inconvenient and cause pain and discomfort in some women. And further, having a period every month may not be as “natural” as it seems, because in earlier days women experienced far fewer periods due to more pregnancies and breastfeeding.

Chemicals in our Environment Linked To Endometriosis and Fibriods

So I was having an Endometriosis internet binge day the other day and I was watching ‘What The Health’ on Netflix this evening, and I had to hit pause and rewind and played over the same section again and again, as a Mike Ewall from Energy Justice Networks opening interview line was ‘Dioxin exposure causes Endometriosis.’..STOPContinue reading “Chemicals in our Environment Linked To Endometriosis and Fibriods”