Katies Endometriosis Remission Story

No one tells you remission may be possible when you get diagnosed with endometriosis. Au contraire. Upon diagnosis you hear the worst, be it from doctors or online, or maybe you hear the incorrect advice to get pregnant to “cure” it. But no, remission is not a word that is often uttered during basic endo conversations. This is part of the devastating feeling of the disease, and also why you feel like you’ve found nirvana if one day you yourself achieves remission. This is my story.

Devaney’s Endometriosis Story

It is 3 A.M. my time, I have been up for the past hour vomiting sick because yet again I am forced to get back on birth control to regulate my hormone levels so that I can keep my endo symptoms and pain under control. Right now I’m thinking to myself, “WOW why does my body haveContinue reading “Devaney’s Endometriosis Story”

Michelle O, Bendigo’s Endometriosis Story

“For as long as I have had my period, pain has been a constant companion that comes along with it. An inseparable duo that would visit me every month, if not twice a month, for 7 to 9 days. Oh, how joyous I was to have finally become a “women” I thought doubled over in pain. ( I am being sarcastic, I actually hated every minute of my first period and every one since. Who comes up with this crap about it being a great time?)

Kiara S, Melton’s ‘your a women now’ Story

““You’re finally a women now,” as I recall my mother saying with the proudest look on her face as she held my hand as we walked to the restaurant to have dinner dinner with the other ladies in our lives to celebrate the day I got my period. As my stomach spun around in circlesContinue reading “Kiara S, Melton’s ‘your a women now’ Story”

Amelia R, Ferntree Gully’s Periods Story

““I love being a female and having a female body it’s an extraordinary and powerful thing to inhabit. However there’s some experiences and stories which some don’t share. This is mine. Periods are a funny thing we all love to hate them … I am I right. However mine have been a rocky road sinceContinue reading “Amelia R, Ferntree Gully’s Periods Story”

Shiloh’s Endometriosis Story

“Every since I got my period it was very heavy and I got terrible cramps. My doctors would just shove any form of birth control my way to stop the bleeding. Nothing ever worked. I was always so sad and moody, terrible pms, hormonal acne, and I still got my period as heavy and painful. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and sent to a rehab facility for suicide watch. They put me on even more medication which made me feel worse.

Cassie’s PCOS, Adenomyosis & Endometriosis Story

I was only diagnosed with Endometrioses and Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome and may have Adenomyosis but won’t find out till I see a new gyno. last year I have two surgeries last year one in January for my cysts and also appendix removal but another one for my endo in July which didn’t overly help even with the nerve ablation.

Rebecca Dimovski’s Endometriosis Story

Story by Rebecca Dimovski. Go and check out her instagram @Smekka and give her a follow and like. Also post features her AMAZING photography taken from her Project Endo check it out and support it. “I remember the time I became a woman clear as day. It was Badnji Dan ( Orthodox Christmas Eve) 2003, IContinue reading “Rebecca Dimovski’s Endometriosis Story”

Tania’s Endometriosis Story

Story from Rebecca Dimovski’s website, used with her permission. Go and check out her Instagram @Smekka and give her a follow and like. Also post features her AMAZING photography taken from her Project Endo check it out and support it. “Its common knowledge that with your menstrual cycle comes menstrual cramps. They go hand inContinue reading “Tania’s Endometriosis Story”