Community Yoga

community yoga

Bridie Apple is passionate that the joys and benefits of yoga should be available to everyone.

Working to remove the barriers to people starting their yoga practice such as…

  • I cant afford a £10 yoga class
  • I am not fit enough
  • I am not flexible enough
  • I dont have any nice yoga clothes
  • I am not the right body shape
  • People will giggle at me in the poses
  • I dont have transport to get to the yoga class
  • I wont fit in

There is such a long list of possible barriers which many people face to them accessing yoga and getting their foot in the door of their first yoga class.

Yoga was never designed to be a commercial commodity…

Yoga is recorded as being designed by ancient communities in India from a need to connect body and mind. All of which Bridie is working towards with is to bring yoga back to these two core principles of yoga:

2 Core Principles of

  1. Community
  2. Connection (Mind & Body)

Examples of community yoga with Bridie Apple

Bridie is working with many different community groups across Dorset, Devon and Somerset, with the aim of bringing yoga to the community at an affordable cost.

An example is an 8 week Big Lottery Fund funded yoga community program running in Weymouth Dorset, UK. This project will see yoga classes running at the Littlemoor community center in the heart of the community at an affordable price (£2.20 per class). Click this link to read more.

Another example is the Christmas Day yoga class put on to give people who would be spending Christmas Day on their own, or who suffer from mental health triggers during the festive season to have somewhere positive to go and have some kind human interaction on what can be a hard day for many. In addition we raise nearly £200 for Mind Dorset and helped 17 people not spend Christmas on their own. Click this link to read more.



Online community space…

Bridie is also working on bringing the communities in her social media groups and following together in one place, away from the algorithms, ads and endless notifications. Communities now are not just geographical, and there are many beautiful soul connections created by sharing a similar journey to someone else even if they are the other side of the world. If you would like to join the Flow, Grow, Glow online community click here, it would be great to have you in there.

What is Flow, Grow, Glow?

Flow, Grow, Glow is a completely FREE and private space to form your own community of soul shares. It is a place to connect with like minded people from around the world. This space is completely yours to create, its free from algorithms, social media ads and marketing up sells.  Best wishes Bridie x


Have a community yoga project in mind?

If you have a community yoga project in mind and would like to talk with Bridie Apple please fill in the form below.

Best wishes B x


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