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Hi Endo Warrior Queens! I hope you are having a peaceful and pain free day. Me and a group of Endo Warrior Queens from our free FaceBook support group have been putting this international directory together for you all. I know that there are other endo and adeno directories out there, the difference is this is one comes solely from recommendations from fellow endo and adeno sisters just for you. We know just how daunting it can be and have often just turned to Google for support and information which ladies as you well know is never the best idea, particularly if your having an anxious or low day.

Whats Included in the Directory?

It includes support groups, educational resources, specialist centres, networks and so so much  more. If you have any to input please pop a comment below and I will add it to the directory.


Film: Endo What (Recommended by Bridie- ‘This film literally changed my life and relationship with Endo)

Coalition: The Endo Co (Recommended by Bridie-They are changing the face of Endo campaigning and fundraising)

Podcast: The Uterus and The Duderus (Not only is the name brilliant! but the chat is brilliant and informative and real and refreshing)

Podcast: One Part Podcast (Recommended by loooooaadsss of Endo Warriors! its by the same awesome lady as the book below

Product: Unisex Abs Belt (Recommended by Bridie-This was a real lifesaver when my pain was fluctuating daily, I was able to ramp up or down the vibrations to suit my needs. Its desecrate and also acts as a back support, and when your endo belly flares up its easily extendable)

Book: One Part Plant (Recommended by Bridie-I was given this book by my bestie and endo sister Hanna, its about eating plant based to heal your pain and relieve your symptoms. Its beautiful, gorgeous images and Jessicas story  is really inspiring and relatable)

Book: The Doctor Will See You Now (Recommended by Danielle and Bridie-this book was reassuring that all the times I though ‘no I know this medical advice isn’t correct’ that I was correct to keep searching for better answers and medical support)

Book: Endometriosis-A Key To Healing And Fertility Through Nutrition (Recommended by Louise, Ali and Bridie- I brought this book for my daughter and I feel it gave her the science and knowledge to understand her Endometriosis and do something about it in a healthy and natural way)

Book: Heal Endometriosis Naturally (Recommended by Hanna-I brought this book for myself and my sister, and it helped us make a natural plan to heal our enders, and it did help and I still do some of the suggestions now to help with my pain management and fatigue)

Book: Adenomyosis – A Significantly Neglected And Misunderstood Disorder (Highly Recommended by Bridie-I cried when I first read this book, as it was the first time it all made sense and I felt like the words on the page matched how seriously Adeno was effecting my life)

Pain Journal: A Daily Record of Chronic Pain Symptoms (Recommended by Louise, who used this to share with her Doctors her pain, symptoms and just how much endo and adeno was effecting her life)

Book: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (Recommended by Pierrette, Yoga and meditation made a hug difference to my endometriosis and I highly recommend this book)

Face Book Group: Nancy’s Nook-Endometriosis Education (Recommended by Jennifer-Nancy’s Nook is the best resource to get the most up to date endo research and to find an expert surgeon)

Book: Endometriosis-Simple Strategies to Living With Endometriosis (Recommended by Ali)

Endometriosis & Adenomyosis Self Love Products

Bath: Epsom Salts (Recommended by Louiza-when Im having an adeno flare up, I will have an espom salt bath, and it helps relax my muscles and helps reduce my endo belly a little. I buy this big tub as I go through so much of it!)

Rest: Eye Mask/Sleep Mask (Recommended by Bronwyn, for when the stress/anxiety/restless sleep kicks triggered by the endometriosis-a dark heavy eye mask is best)


Essential Oil: Clary Sage Oil (Recommended by Nichola-I use Clary sage oil for anyone interested in essential oils. It has many documented benefits including anxiety/depression relief and is good for uterine health. I add a few drops to a bath and it helps me feel relaxed and smells amazing. I also massage it into my tummy on really bad days and it helps reduce the bloating and pain a little x)


Support Network and Charity: Endometriosis UK (Recommended by Sarah -they offer regional support groups, fundraising events and a really useful help line)

Organisation and Petitioning:



Book: L’Endometriose (Recommended by Tamara Pelege ‘This book offers a very comprehensive presentation of endometriosis, what it is, how it works, what can be done from an allopathic point of view but also (and that’s my favorite part), from a holistic approach. She offers tons of tips and its all fairly easy to understand too! I really enjoyed it.’ Check out her insta


*This directory is a constant work in progress, so please add your recommendations below in the comments and I will make sure it gets added to the list :-)*

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