Your story of Endometriosis remission might be your own, clients or patients (with their permission). This area of the Endometriosis Hope Study is important for giving voice and validation to the Endometriosis crowd who have healed and or put the disease and or its symptoms into remission, so we can grow our collective Endometriosis wisdom.

The vision is that together we can create an Endometriosis-Google of remission cases that we can all search and refer too, so we can inform ourselves and or our clients on the Endometriosis journey.

Requirements for submission…

  • Include all the factors you, your client or patient used to put the Endometriosis into remission (diet, surgery, therapy, movement etc).
  • Include any pictures you are happy to have published with your story.
  • Please state if you are happy for your real or full name to be used.
  • By submitting your Endometriosis remission story, you acknowledge that it will be published on this website and associated social media.