Episode 2 with Aliya Galim ‘Wise Wombs & Healing Endometriosis Your Way.’

In this episode, I interview Internal Feminine Arts creator Aliya Galim. Aliya works with women to heal their womb wounds, by using the tools of Shamanism, Somatics, Kabalah and Toasism. We talk about the womb wounds of Endometriosis and how you can use these tools to reclaim your health and healing from the disease.


What is Adenomyosis, Cause, Treatments & Effect

This information summarizes what adenomyosis is, the main signs and symptoms and current ways of managing it. It is intended for those who may have adenomyosis. What is it? Adenomyosis is defined by the finding of endometrium (the tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus/womb) within the myometrium (muscular wall of the womb).Continue reading “What is Adenomyosis, Cause, Treatments & Effect”

Endometriosis, African Female Silent Nightmare

Even though the prevalence of endometriosis (severe menstrual pains) is well documented in women living in developed countries, studies on the prevalence of the daunting disease among African women are wanting. There is high misconception that endometriosis hardly affects women of African descent. Endometriosis, according to medical experts is the abnormal growth of endometrial tissue,Continue reading “Endometriosis, African Female Silent Nightmare”

Endo & Adeno What?

What is Endometriosis and Adenomyosis? Endometriosis is a disorder where the tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus grows on the outside and sometimes inside the wall of the uterus (aka Adenomyosis). It usually involves the ovaries, bowel, pouch of Douglas, bladder, tubes, or the tissue lining your pelvis, though sometimes it canContinue reading “Endo & Adeno What?”

Endometriosis is more severe for obese women, study finds

Research finds average severity score for obese women is two times higher than for healthy weight women. Obese women are more likely to have severe endometriosis, a misunderstood condition that affects one in 10 women, an Australian study has found. The study of 500 women with surgically confirmed endometriosis found women with a healthy bodyContinue reading “Endometriosis is more severe for obese women, study finds”

Chronic fatigue an under-recognised symptom of debilitating endometriosis, study finds

Treating symptoms alongside disease could improve quality of life for millions of women. Fatigue is an under recognised symptom of endometriosis which could help identify the condition and improve the quality of life for millions of women, a study has said. Women diagnosed with endometriosis were twice as likely to also have chronic fatigue, researchers found, even whenContinue reading “Chronic fatigue an under-recognised symptom of debilitating endometriosis, study finds”

Period Pants Review

Hi all, hope this gorgeos weather is filling you up with heat and love and light, to help you shine brighter in the days to come. I have been fortunate to be sent some period pants from the wonderful company ModiBodi. Have you heard of them before? I am sure you have seen the adsContinue reading “Period Pants Review”

Period Pants – Have Legit Changed My Life For The Better

I am so pleased to announce that I am collaborating with Modi Bodi and reviewing their period pants and swimwear to let you guys know how the hold up and my experience of them. Here is me unboxing them and talking about being a yoga teacher with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis and what happens when duringContinue reading “Period Pants – Have Legit Changed My Life For The Better”

Having PMS that makes you feel suicidal or makes you want to run away every month is not ‘just PMS’

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is a severe and disabling form of premenstrual syndrome affecting 3–8% of menstruating women (that’s A LOT of women!).


Forget that ‘time of the month’ it’s that ‘time of the year’ when flu viruses and colds sweep across workplaces, friendship groups and generally the UK population! Nobody likes feeling rundown or ‘full of cold’ but it can be difficult to avoid. Unless you have a super strong immune system that can battle bugs likeContinue reading “PERIOD + FLU: TIPS TO HELP YOU FEEL BETTER”

Top 5 Nutritioinal Tips For Endometriosis Management

Avoid refined sugar as much as possible. This includes foods such as biscuits, cakes, chocolate, sweets and sugary drinks. Sugars are hidden in unlikely products such as breakfast cereals and bars, yogurts, juices and sauces so be sure to check the nutritional information on labels. If sugars are showing as high then its best toContinue reading “Top 5 Nutritioinal Tips For Endometriosis Management”

Chemicals in our Environment Linked To Endometriosis and Fibriods

So I was having an Endometriosis internet binge day the other day and I was watching ‘What The Health’ on Netflix this evening, and I had to hit pause and rewind and played over the same section again and again, as a Mike Ewall from Energy Justice Networks opening interview line was ‘Dioxin exposure causes Endometriosis.’..STOPContinue reading “Chemicals in our Environment Linked To Endometriosis and Fibriods”

Forgiveness Can Have a Much Bigger Impact On Your Physiological Wellbeing Than You Ever Imagined

Forgiveness can have a much bigger impact on our wellbeing than originally thought. Now we all know that age old saying of ‘let that shit go’, which is a motto I personally whole heartedly live by, but boy is it one of the hardest things to do. Read up more below… Post below taken fromContinue reading “Forgiveness Can Have a Much Bigger Impact On Your Physiological Wellbeing Than You Ever Imagined”

Why are millennial women seeking alternatives to the pill

Well for starters it makes you go fuckin mental! Its like an attack of the body snatchers! It effects your skin, hair, nails, weight, bones, hormones, moods, libido! I mean I think that covers everything???? Read up below on the Evening Standards write up on the latest research.. leave me your thoughts in the comments below.