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So go grab a cup of your favourite herbal tea, put on your yoga pants, take off your bra and get comfy…happy reading B xx

Read Devaney’s Story
Read Cassies's Endometriosis Story
Read Cassies’s Story
Read Bridie's Endometriosis Story
Read Bridie’s Story


Read Tania's Endometriosis Story
Read Tania’s Story

Read Rebecca's Endometriosis Story
Read Rebecca’s Story
Read Katy's Endometriosis Story
Read Katy’s Story



Endo Stories


I am regularly sent many of your beautiful and heart felt stories via social media and email and I love love love receiving them. We know just how powerful sharing your story can be in your healing journeys and we know that it is often the first step for many of you, as it was for me and still is.

We would love to receive and share your stories here at the School of Self Love as a way of helping you on your healing journey and to help others on theirs too. Please write your story and copy and paste it below and include a picture of yourself and weather you would like to be named or anonymous (we will use a different image and name if you wish to be anonymous).




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